Well, I have an idea. You know on the old radios it has the tuner like this?

Well, could you make a volume knob so when you turn it up, the tuner goes higher in stations? I hope that made sense But that would be amazing in the tele build I will be starting within a few months. Just an idea, I thought I would run it by some more experienced people.
I've never seen it, but I'm sure it's relatively easy to do and damn I want an amp like that now!
I'm not sure what exactly you mean.

If you want a radio where volume and frequency are controlled by the same knob (I dunno why you would) you could probably have the two knobs connected with a drive belt so that turning one also turns the other.

If you want a guitar amplifier which has a tuning meter for purely aesthetic reasons, then that can be fairly easily done. The "needle" on the meter is on a piece of string. When you turn the tuning dial, the string is wound onto the inside of the dial, causing the needle to move. I think there's a spring on the other end of the string to move it in the other direction if needed.

I'll try to find a picture, it's a fairly simple device.

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I was thinking the volume knob on the actual guitar to have a tuning meter, for looks (I think it would be awesome). Thanks for the pictures, I might actually try this.
Thank you very much this picture made ​​me understand that in the end is what you are doing, but I think I will not go to trial.