I bought a Crate BX-80 amp with a 1998 Ibanez SR-400 for $150 about a year ago.

I am looking at getting myself a new guitar amp tomorrow. I really don't have room for the BX-80 and a another amp, and I am wondering how much Guitar Center would give?

I mean its really old, the bass i got is 1998, so its at least that old cause it started from one friend to the next, to me. I am guessing 1992-1995, I am assuming I can get like $50 tops cause I see them used at random for $100ish.
I finally found the serial info.

The amp is 200 watts(with an 80 watt speaker i guess, making it BX"80"). Originally sold from 300-400$

It was made in November of 1993, in USA, I am guessing the 512th one of the month.

I am gonna get rid of it, even if its $50, its 20 years old and crate was never really known for its tone.. With UX2 with POD Farm software, you don't need an amp or effects pedels.

I would still like to hear any price quotes from anyone. Mine is 9/10 mint at least compared to what else I have seen from BX series amps. Mine has all the features(hopefully its sort of rare).

My estimation is $50, but I want $75, hopefully I will get it if I spend it on something. They will probably sell it for $100, and with the 50-60% rule, that would mean they would need to sell it for $125 to give me my price.

I assume condition is everything, so I am confident that I will get at least $60.
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