So i very recently restrung and tuned my guitar to Drop B / A# / A and decided to have some fun playing around with some heavier songs.

I've been quickly learning Home is For the Heartless with no difficulties at all until one particular tapping lick which i thought wouldn't stump me at all, and it has quite significantly.


The lick is just...

e|- 17--8--7--5 x 4

e|- 20--8--7--5 x 4

e|- 19--8--7--5 x 4

e|- 15--8--7--5 x 4

I've never had much trouble with the tapping part of licks like this one, but the problem i'm having is getting my fretting hand in position every time for the pull off, particularly for the 8th and 7th fret. It's like my ring finger instinctively arrives just that split second before my pinky. It's really frustrating and i've tried slowing myself down significantly but it's still a struggle even at like 25-50% tempo or so.

Does anyone have some sort of advice for my situation here? Could it be more of a finger independence issue than anything else? Or should i just stick to playing it much slower for now?

EDIT: I've been practicing this for the last hour or so and now i'm encountering a different problem which i've also never had before.
My fretting hand really seems to really be cramping up after around 10-15seconds of playing that part at the normal tempo and i rapidly lose rhythm and general technique.. dafuq
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yeah, try some finger independence exercises, and also try just pulling off 8 7 5 until you can do it
Yep, pretty much all about independence and taking it slow. At least you've noticed the fingers are out of sequence, a lot of guys never spot it and all their tapping sounds like shit. >.<