Hey guys.

Not really sure how to classify this (new to this game), I suppose it's pretty straight rock in this case, but in general we are going for a fast rock/punk/post hardcore feel.

This is a first draft of the track.

Please feel free to leave crit on any aspect of the track, then drop me a link in your reply and I'll match your crit ASAP
Like someone already said the chord progression of the intro/chorus kinda gets boring. I know vocals would help spice it up a bit, but still, too much repetition. I was really hoping the bridge was leading to a big section with a slightly different mood. And you could've ended on that big section rather than having another chorus.

I quite liked the verses though, it's quite a nice switch of mood from the intro, although not sure how well the transition into the chorus from the verse works, but then again, I'm sure vocals will help there. I think maybe you need to change the last 2 bars of the verse, more/different chord changes, or a little 4 note run or something to make the transition a bit smoother. Because the first chord of the chorus doesn't really sound right after the last chord of the verse.

Still, nice song, I enjoyed it, just needs some work. And I dunno if you saw in my thread but I've actually got the finished version of my song in the first post, if you click on v12.