I've recorded some tracks on my own and I was wondering if they were
demo quality. I'm pretty unfamiliar with the demoing process entirely,
so to gain reference, could I literally send these tracks out as is?
Does everything in the creative vision (lyrics,
guitar/drums/bass/vocal parts) have to be there, completely finished,
or is there leeway with that? Could I finish the songs myself or do I
need to get them professionally recorded, with studio musicians? Are
demo's still even a viable means of getting noticed in the industry?

Here are the songs : http://soundcloud.com/alexrwandres/sets/demo-1197/

If you want to give me feedback on the songs themselves, that would
of course be helpful, but I am mostly curious about the production
value, instrumentation, vocal quality, and other things of that sort.

I have no press, done no concerts, no professional pictures, no
biography. Should I worry about getting those things done first before
I even consider sending out a demo?

Any information on this would be great. Thanks
Listening to your first track, I'd say it is demo quality in my inexperienced opinion, but I'd say the vocals are a bit flat in places. I like the mix though. All sounds well recorded and put together.
Liking this dude!

Track 1: The guitar tone is really nice here. I kind of like the vocals here. They're a little "Drony(?)" I guess, but that kind of fits the nature of the song. Mixing is great, but there's a few bits where the guitars get a little out of sync. Pleasure to listen to though.

Track 2: I'm like this intro already haha. Do you mind me asking, what are the chords you're using for the intro bit? They sound really nice! Vocals again are good, but they do sound a little Flat as somebody already said. It all fits together nicely though, and I really like that little guitar interlude around the middle.

Track 3: Wow, loving the guitars at about 0:15! They sound great! 1:40 is a really nice riff, I like that a lot Ending solo was a nice touch and it rounded off the song nicely.

Track 4: Ooh, this song's a little sadder than the other four isn't it? haha, I like the variety here. I like the song, but it's a little too slow for me. That said, I'm into Jrock with high pitched synth voices so I can't really give a fair comment

Overall though I thought that your stuff here was really nice. The mixing on the instruments is good, but I'd try get your voice to stand out a little bit more. That's probably my biggest issue.

I've started following you too! Thanks for the crit on my work, and I hope to hear more from you in the future!
Vocals are pitchy. Pitchy. Really pitchy. You HAVE to fix it before sending these out to ANYONE! In terms of production, it's fine.

Everything that's in your head has to be there in the recording. Nobody will hear what is in your haed but you. All those little tinges and chimes that make the recording special will only be there if they hear it litterally there in the song.
Thanks for crit on my song!

Listened through the first two songs (Girl from golden coast and Wishing Well). I don't usually listen to this kind of music but I have to say that I like the musical ideas a lot in both, they felt fresh and original. Structurally good and interesting.

As for sending out the songs as demos, I'd say there are a few things that needs to get straightened. First of, which I'm a little confused not seeing anyone else mentioning, is the drumming. Absolutely not tight in most sections. I don't know if you record real drums or use MIDI, but if you use the latter it's really easy to fix the timing with some quantizing and editing. Then there are the vocals, a bit pitchy in sections. As for the mixing, I think it sounds pretty OK and that the "pretty good for a home recording" feel fits this kind of music.

Put down some more time and effort in the execution and it will make your good musical ideas justice