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Please state your pick thickness, brand of pick, your primary musical style(s) for each pick you use, and WHY you use that pick.

I did a search and surprisingly couldn't find any kind of recent thread on this topic.


I mainly use a .88mm Dunlop Tortex (green) and play mostly hard rock and metal. My pick attack is very hard/aggressive so for down-picking this is a perfect thickness for me, but can be a bit stiff when trying to shred/alternate-pick on the lighter strings.

For acoustic guitar I sometimes also use a .60mm Dunlop Tortex (orange) when strumming lots of chords because the thinner pick makes less sound and flows smoother/easier over all the strings.
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It's true, there is infact about 1000 of these threads.

However i use a Dunlop Gator Grip 2mm. Been using them for 2 years now. Best pick i've ever used and have no intention of changing.

I play primarily metal.