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So me and my buddy are having a sort of 'cross-cultural' exchange thing, I needed someone to go see Rancid with but in turn I have to go to a rap/hiphop gig with him...I can't even remember who it is unfortunately ...

Point being I've never been to a concert like this before, so I'm not sure what to do!! Most gigs I go have a few drinks and skank around like an idiot (not like a **** ) and enjoy myself but I know this will be completely different, probably a lot more chilled and downbeat I'm assuming. Anyone have any ideas?? Do people just stand and tap to the beat or are they a lot livelier than I think ???
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you should just not go to the Rancid show.

then everybody wins!
Be a gentleman

That'll get you some respect.
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step on someones sneakers.

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Depends on who you're seeing. If it's some lame puddin'-ass cornball, don't expect a good time. If it's some hard shit, go nuts. Some of the more alternative hip hop shows can get surprisingly lively, with stage dives and mosh pits and everything.

But you probably won't get any of that.
do what everyone else is doing. you don't wanna be acting wild if you're the only one, but you don't wanna be mr "too cool" standing around nodding your head with your arms crossed if everyone else is dancing and moving.
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Follow the group. Audience behavior can change from band to band within a genre, so just do whatever they/your friend is doing.
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take a crap and throw it at whoever's on stage let them know they suck balls!
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Clap and yell 'bravo!' at the end of each song.
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Clap and yell 'bravo!' at the end of each song.

Be sure to add a hearty guffaw or two in there also
That's exactly what I would be wondering if I were to attend a hip-hop concert. That's why I wouldn't.
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What do you do at a hiphop concert?

Listen to hiphop.
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Try and enjoy yourself. There's some pretty cool hip hop out there.

This. Just move with the music like you would at a rock concert, it's all in the hips/knees.

"Throw your hands in the air, if you's a true player"
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