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Helloooo It's me again...

Which do you prefer to play?

An acoustic guitar or electric guitar?

...and if you don't play either, or do but don't like it,

Which would you rather play?

Tell me!

....and if you want to, explain why!


Hi! I'm Isabel and I prefer playing the acoutic guitar! I like it because I find it to be easier to play and I like the sound better

Simple as that!!!

okay, that's it...

Peace out!

Isabel ♥
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I play electric, because most of the music I write/listen to is electric. It's quieter than an acoustic when I need it to be, but I can jam with a drummer at half volume when I plug in. I find electrics to be more versatile, more comfortable, and easier to play.
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I prefer electric because I prefer the feel of them. Nothing feels more solid to me than a nice, heavy Les Paul. I also, being a lead player, prefer the necks because you can make use of vibrato and bends a lot more easily. Plus the necks on acoustics, to me, relatively feel like playing a tree trunk compared to a nice electric's neck. I also prefer the versatility of electrics. I also just love the sound of a nasty, snarly distortion tone, poppin' the Paul on it's neck pickup and improving a bit of blues, or getting an ambient, spacey clean tone. Acoustics are sort of just one sound fits all. They certainly have their uses though and triumph over electrics in certain areas.
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I prefer electric. Because anything you can play on an acoustic, you can play on an electric; but not everything you can play on an electric, you can play on an acoustic.

They're both good for different reasons, but I like electrics better.

Also you can get more creative body styles with electrics!
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Each have a totally different experience when playing.

So I stock up on a few electrics... and a few acoustics...

That way, sometimes I'm in the mood to whip out the Les Paul or SG and crank it up, and sometimes I'm in the mood to grab the Taylor and jam out a couple sweet acoustic songs!!

Edit: On top of all this, acoustics have totally different sounds from an electric plugged in on clean, so if I want that acoustic sound I gotta have an acoustic to be playin!
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why it always gotta be a guitar with you people
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why it always gotta be a guitar with you people

well this is 'Ultimate-Guitar'
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no its not
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I play clean 90% of the time, but I have a slight favoritism towards electric. I like the wide range of tones you can get by changing the signal, it has longer sustain.... Plus soloing is so much more satisfying on electric.

Acoustic is good when singing. I like the idea of just vocals and guitar without any effects or microphones, can't get any more raw than that
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I started on acoustic, but I prefer electric heavily. I don't like the sound or the feel of acoustics, but it did make the transition to electric a lot easier with the tension. I practice on the clean channel though. I'd prefer classical acoustic guitar over steel string if I had to play acoustic. I'd play the same stuff, but I just like the feel a bit more.
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