I bought an Egnater Vengeance about 10 months ago and I want to replace the baffle on it with something that's more visually appealing to me. I want to replace it with a metal mesh/grid type thing, but I don't know the actual name for this stuff, nor do I know where to get it. Here is a pic:

I want that, but without the rust marks and texture. Something smooth and flat overall, preferably a little bit wider than that. Something along the lines of what is used as a grill on these cabs:

I would also prefer if I can get it in a flat black paint. Powder coat would be optimal, but it's not a necessity at all. I also want to take my Egnater badge off of the Vengeance and put it on the new baffle. However, I want to make sure that I don't damage the badge or the original baffle. I would also be okay with just buying a badge from Egnater, but I have no experience with this. Here are pics of the front/back of the current baffle:


Any Idea on where I can get the Metal Grid stuff I'm looking for? I need a piece that's 26.75 inches by 6 inches or 679 millimeters by 153 millimeters.

Any advice on the Egnater badge?

Thanks for any help/advice/tips you can give!
I also have no idea what this is called, but go to a local metal supply shop. If you dont, maybe try home depot?
Metal lattice. I think just about any home fixer-upper store would have this stuff. Good luck!

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