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Woke up, browsed ug, porn, fapped, drunk tea, browsed ug, listened to some music, played some games, listened to music, played some acoustic guitar, played some xbox, watched some tv, posted this and now i'm about to go for a walk.
woke up, went to centrelink, went shopping, bought jeans, went home, had lunch, played guitar, fapped, played guitar, dinner, played guitar, watched TV, now sitting here on UG.
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One time I watched a dog lick his own dick for twenty minutes.

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Well, technically it could be done, but only in the same way that you could change a cat into a hamburger. It's an unpleasant process, and nobody is happy with the result.
Woke up, drove to University, went to a chemistry lecture, went to a maths tutorial, studied a bit, finished off the loyalty card designs for the restaurant, now I'm sitting in the library waiting for my lab to start at 4 so I can get it done and travel across the country to see my Girlfriend in Dublin.
"Why should we subsidise intellectual curiosity?"
-Ronald Reagan

"Knowledge is in every country the surest basis of public happiness."
-George Washington
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