I just changed from a licensed Floyd Rose to an Original Floyd Rose on my Jackson WRMG. As I started intonating and pulling the saddles away from the neck, I noticed how they went from being perfectly in level to gaining in height. Especially my E-string (whose saddle wasn't pulled back very far) is way lower than my B-string (whose saddle was pulled back pretty much as far as it gets), to the point of it being slightly annoying. I tried loosing the saddle screw a bit and pushing down on the saddle. This does push it down a bit, but as I screw it in again it inevitably rises up again. Is this normal, what can I do, am I overlooking something?

The system is completely new and fresh from the store.

Thanks in advance!
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It sounds like your fretboard radius is different than the radius of the new floyd.

Well, the guitar has a "compound" (14"-16") fingerboard. A bit of googling and this turned up: http://www.unofficialwarmoth.com/index.php?topic=9291.0 Apparently, OFRs are for 10", while Schaller Floyds are at 14". I find it a bit confusing since my OFR is Schaller made, but I believe he's referring to a Floyd explicitly labelled "Schaller" on the package and everything? Isn't it possible to replace just the saddles or whatever is required to have it match a 14"-16" radius fingerboard?
That's rather odd, I fitted an OFR to my RR3 recently that has a similar compound radius (12"-16") and haven't noticed anything too unusual about the setup and the guitar plays great, similar to my esp (NOT ltd) infact.

I know you can get shims for the saddles though so perhaps try some of those to adjust the saddle height.
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Exactly, I've just ordered bridge saddle shims and radius templates (sort of to easily measure the radius). Should work out fine

NotTheMessiah30, have you intonated yours? My saddles were fairly equal prior to intonating, and as I pulled the saddles away from the fretboard, they rose.
Yep, it's all intonated. On very close inspection the radius isn't quite right but it really is only by a negligible amount and I certainly don't notice it while playing so I'm probably going to leave it as is. I did consider that I may have to shim it before I went ahead and fitted it though.
So it's been a while and I'm finally starting to look into it again. I just realized that what caused the saddles to rise up wasn't magic or some weird curse, but the fact that I pulled them back to the point that they were pushed upward against the upper surface's slope. Is it normal to have a Floyd Rose intonated to the point where the saddles are pulled back this far? Maybe my guitar isn't built for this bridge and would really need a longer neck to downtune to C standard and use such a light gauge (.10-.52). Perhaps it'd be better to try a heavier set of strings instead and see if I won't have to pull the saddles back this far?
I think the problem lies in that the jt580lp trem you took off has a slightly different positioning on the saddles, i seem to recall reading that somewhere. So with the OFR you can sometimes run into a case where some of the saddles have to be pushed all the way back.

I'd go with your idea of some heavier strings and see how that turns out. It is a little odd though as like i said before i did the same mod to my rr3 and haven't had issues with intonation, it all went pretty smoothly. Though that said i play in d standard so maybe that's why, but then again i'm using .9-.42 strings so would think there would have been the possibility of running into the same problem as you but as i said it's an odd one!