I was working on a 76 Strat refretting the neck and it had to be sanded down to true up the neck because of a slight twist in the neck which made it unplayable. I ended up with a completely white maple colored neck. What to do? How would I ever match the vintage finish of the original to get the color right?

I give you Fender vintage finish in a can. The result was absolutely amazing and best of all it took less than one minute to get this result. The stuff is a water based finish used on teak wood outdoor furniture. I first saw this stuff when I was in a furniture factory in Bali. I noticed how nice the finish was and remember thinking that looks exactly like a vintage Strat finish, well... it definitely does the job. This photo is one normal coat applied with a piece of clean cotton cloth (old bed sheet) followed by another really thin coat. It is totally dry within a few minutes to a matte finish. A quick once over very lightly with #0000 steel wool, done.

I can't tell the difference. The headstock is untouched original from the Fender factory and the fretboard is refinished with this stuff. They call it Lazer in the furniture factory.

No, I think it is a poly resin based product. You wipe it on and it dries quick and you can apply as many coats as you need to darken the color. In my case it took two thin coats to get the same color as the original finish. It has been 24 hours and now it is hard dried and it's like a wipe on poly finish as far as I can tell. I'm still going to spray a light coat of clear over it to match the headstock. Now that it's totally dry I am really pleased with the result, it looks great. I am going to try it on an old Squier I have laying around and see how it comes out.

Here is a link to the specs page...


It's a modified alkyd resin according to the specs. You might be able to find it in Australia.