I have the option to buy at Pod xt pro for just $50, the owner says that when he runs it, the screen says "Invalid Code Error 05". Since he is selling it for so cheap, I might consider it if it isn't going to be that difficult of a fix. He says he tried booting it with monkey and that didn't work, but that's all he did to try and fix the problem. Do you guys have any ideas?
I wouldn't bother with it, quick google search says that the error code is most likely a hardware issue.

Do you have an actual need for the xt pro? Because the regular bean xt's can be found pretty cheap if you're patient, 60-80 bucks.
I really want an x3, either rackmounted or bean, but I figured if the xt was an easy fix, that would be a really cheap way to get it done. I don't supposed Line 6 would do the hardware fix for free, would they?
Yeah, I wouldn't bother, just get an x3 or an HD.
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