£325 O.N.O.


Lots of amp for little money!

A 2x12 150W modelling combo, near-mint, one of the best I've ever used. Original RRP was around £1200, since this is a pretty serious piece of kit. Marine-grade baltic ply construction, high quality components, SHARC floating-point processor and Vetta models.

The killer feature is the dual-amp capability. You can dial in two separate, wholly independent amps, and blend/switch them as much as you like. You can choose to run one through each speaker for true stereo, blend them, or even send one individually to an extension cab. The only effect is a very high-quality reverb, which changes from spring to
The XLR outputs sound fantastic for recording and live use, and there's a ton of different options for routing and tweaking. You can connect up a floorpedal to get wah, volume pedal, a tuner and access to 36 different presets.

You can also connect it up to a PC with a MIDI cable for complete control and deep editing - however, the software is no longer easily available so I'll send you a copy.

I've owned a ton of great valve amps, and sold em all to get this beast. The sound is very, very close, it's incredibly loud, and the flexibility and ease of use is a revelation.
However, I'm not gigging all that much at the moment so I'm going to downsize to the cheaper Flextone model.

Comes with a printed manual, heavy-duty 75mm castors, and the original I-II footswitch which I've modded to accept any stereo/mono cable.