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I just started learning to play back in March, and have been learning a few songs along the way. However, right now I'm finding myself playing worse than I did in June or so. I'm pretty sure the reason is that I'm not concentrating, as I have a lot of really serious stuff on my mind.

Are you able to shut out other thoughts when you play and, if so, how? I'm really getting frustrated.
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I actually find the biggest hindrance to playing is tiredness - obviously there's no need for you to go into the nature of the serious stuff that's on your mind but if it's affecting your sleep that's likely the culprit. Other than that, having a lot of stuff on can have an effect on your playing which I would assume is amplified if you've only been playing a few months and things likely don't come as naturally.

It's best not to worry about whether or not you feel like you're worse than before - usually it's psychological and it's just your perception of yourself, however I think from time to time most people either feel like or actually have got a little bit worse, but it will eventually pass; the only bit of advice I can really give is don't worry, and take it slow.
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just keep at it and eventually you'll be able to ignore the rest of the world while playing.

As far as getting worse, it could be a slew of things. In my experience, I'll get better at something like crazy, decrease in skill/playability a bit, then I'll be at a plateau. After a while, I'll improve a lot, slight decrease, plateau...repeat.