I recently put the copper sheet (sticky 1s) inside the cavity of my guitar. I did it all and had a few problems that i fixed such as copper touching the guitar lead.

The other problem was one wire had come loose so i soldered it back down. Only to find the neck had gone quite. So i checked it a few times and re soldered it and it all seemed good both pickups worked and not much buzz too!

Then i tight end up the pots on the outside so they didnt move then i plugged it all in to check if it had worked. Only to find the bridge pickup didnt make any sound at all and the neck pickup buzzed but no noises from hitting the pickup or string. Only noise when i moved the wires etc.

What could this problem be? I mean my soldering is bad but it all worked before i tightened the pots even when i moved the wires etc around the noise doesnt come back so i dont think its a connection problem.

Thanks for your help I can provide photos if needed.
You have a short somewhere I'm guessing. Please provide photos. I was chasing shorts to the shielding when I first shielded my strat.
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The wiring is a mess as thats how i got it about 2 years ago think who ever had it last wired in the pickups himself as its a mess and ive had to re-solder down the bridge volume green wire before.
Looks to me like you should use a washer as a spacer between the body of the pot and the shielding. The bumps in the copper look pretty close to the pot's lugs.
Will do i found a spacer i hadnt put in! Opps lol thats fixed that problem the bridge pickup is perfect now but the neck is really quite like 1/4 of the volume.