Ok, so I just got this Squier Vintage Modified Mustang and I decided to take all the strings off...

Well, it looks like I'm gonna have a hard ass time getting them back on because this bridge piece (I don't know what it's called) is pressed all the way down on the side where the B and E strings go...Also, it's so hard to even get the Low E string on. What did I do wrong??

EDIT In case you're wondering, I removed the string saddles.

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If I recall its either spring loaded OR you can just raise it using the two screw on the top of the bar.
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Isn't that the bar you slide the strings through? The bridge is a little further up.
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Hang on a second; If the strings won't fit, how did you get the old strings out to begin with?
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What did I do wrong??


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I decided to take all the strings off...

The tailpiece bar is springloaded, if you had changed one string at a time no problem. Push the bar towards the neck, get low E on & tune to pitch, the angle will change & give more clearance, repeat with remaining strings
can i just ask where you got the guitar from? any place in n. america? looking for one.
are they good?