Hey so my friend just took back his guitar he lent to me for nearly 5 years (like an a**hole). He never touch it, nor has he ever played guitar. He only bought it (among other items such as a les paul, 3 guitar pedals, and an amp) because i played guitar and thought it was cool. So yeah he was spoiled. Sorry im ranting lol. Anyway, it was an Ibanez AEF37E and i absolutely loved it. Should i buy the same guitar again or go with something else of similar (but better)?
a price match for you on something i'd say is alot better...

at least has a solid top which that Ibanez does not(its basically plywood)...it has some fancy looks but those acoustics sound horrid compared to better acoustics with a solid top, and yamahas are made pretty good. You can get a seagull at that price too but i think just their Solid Cedar tops unless im wrong there.

unless you are ok with a non electric acoustic

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dude, your friend let you use a guitar for almost 5 years for free. he paid for it, but you got the use of it. had you rented it, you'd have had to pay for it. maybe instead of being mad he took his own property back after nearly 5 years, you should try appreciating almost 5 years where you got to use that axe for free.

anyway, the ibanez is all laminate, and i wasn't impressed with it, but if you really like it, but it. me, like WaltTheWerewolf, i'd also go with a solid top yamaha if you need an acoustic electric.
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your an A7X fan.( an extremely un-appreciative one but, a syn fan nonetheless). Ovations are syn's favorite acoustic electrics. try an Ovation Elite T model. good ones are around $600 US, great ones are around $900 US. try the Buried alive intro on one and you'll be hooked.
Ovations are among the most "electric-like" of acoustic/electric guitars when it comes to how they feel in your hands. And they are the favored brand of many a shredder. Not everyone likes their sound- I do, and I own one- but that's no knock on their quality, which is generally pretty decent.

And add me to the chorus of those who say look at the Yamahas and Seagulls in your price range as well- hard to go wrong with them.
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I just looked in my Oxford English Dictionary and under "Acoustic Guitar", there was your Avatar and an email address!
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