Dang dude that's killer I think your new writing style paid off. Excellent song rock on.
Yeah, I agree with the guys above. It's got quite a nice style to it as well
I will echo the others. It has a cool vibe to it. First thing that came to mind was "Can't You See" by Marshall Tucker Band. Probably not what you were going for but I'd bet I'm older than you.
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Thanks for the replies guys! Listening to it now I can definatly hear 'Can't You See' in a way, ha not my intention but I do like Marshall Tucker Band.
Pretty good tune. Got better as it went along and it was nice to listen to. I personally wouldn't have had the lead guitar come in so early so to let the song build up more in intensity. Also, the mixing and EQ could do with some tweaking. Some parts reminded me slightly of Sparklehorse, but with extra guitar... don't know if that's just me. Anyway, there honestly is much potential here! Keep up the good work.
I actually really dug that, kind of had that 90's vibe to it. Reminded me more of "Change" by Blind Melon than "No Rain". Then it took that whole cool turn at the end. Vocals could be a little louder so I could understand at 1:09, unless it was more intended as just adding an atmospheric layer. I couldn't tell.

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