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Serial number says 1989. made by Sammick in Korea

Hm, how did you figure that out?
Another update, went into the shop to see it today. A bit disappointed with the quality of the repair for the money... Its an old music shop, but its under new management, and the guy seems nice, but...

Its been cleaned down, and the action lowered on the Floyd. He says its not a real floyd, which I'm not convinced about, it says its by Schaller, and a licensed thingy, but i thought all floyds were made by different companies. But I don't know, please call me on that if I'm wrong.

He's not been able to fix the neck pup. But he can't tell me whats wrong with it, I don't get the impression he's even had a check.

He's taken out the top strap button, and hasn't replaced it.
He hasn't ordered a replacement whammy arm.

And he tells me he can't find bits anywhere for the nut of the floyd locking bit: anyone know what thats about? It doesn't look normal, and i think someone said something previously in this thread.

So, I'm £30 (i think thats roughly $50) down, and I can't really see what for.

That being said, I plugged it in, and it sounded just so sexy. Even though this is squire, the build quality is just phenomenal; makes you wonder how they're so shite today. The hum bucker sounded vintagey and fat, and the single coil in the middle just sounded as good as modern fenders, it was just unreal. Not too shabby for the £30/40 pounds i paid for it and the pointless £30 I spend allegedly getting it done up.
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