I have a GT-10 and no amp whatsoever. I'm just using headphones.
So can someone tell me all the different things i can and connot use with the gt-10? Amps? Speakers? Cabinets?...

I think you can use any sound whatsoever you want to use. Different thing is whether it sounds good to your ear or not.
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1. Plug into the input of a guitar amp, use the gt10 as an fx board before the amp

2. Plug into the pwramp in/fx return jack of a guitar amp, use the gt10 as fx and preamp

3. use the 4-cable method into a guitar amp, using the gt10 as pre-fx and fx-loop fx while using the guitar amps preamp

main difference between the above is where your distortion comes from (be it the gt10 or your amp). all of the above will have the gt10 speaker sims turned off, since you are playing through an amp

4. keyboard amp/pa speaker, the gt10 will provide all fx/amp sims/speaker sims, the pa speaker is basically going to amplify what you hear in your headphones
You sure could. I personally would go with something I could get 2 of and go stereo. Not sure what your budget is?
Yes. It has everything you need. But it depends on if you want or don't want to use the amp/speaker models. I use my Digitech RP355 with headphones only, it just ruins my amp's tone (it's a serious tone sucker, makes my Laney VC30 sound like a digital modeling amp, even if I bypass everything). Sounds OK and it's very handy for recording. But yeah, multi FX pedals are designed to be used with headphones or PA (that's when you can use all of its features and sound good) or through your amp (when I advice you not to use the amp and cab models because your amp will color the sound, just use the FX models like chorus and delay).
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my budget is $400. And if I can get TWO with a budget like that it would be awesome.
So what would be a good speaker? I don't really have much experience with these kinda speakers.