I just got my NEW and first electric guitar in the mail Thursday ( i had an acoustic this whole time) and the frets are buzzing. I read about the truss Rod and Bridge adjustments but I don't know what one to do.

the buzzing on the high e is frets 10-16 and 17-21 sound the same,
On the b it is 3-14 and 15-21 sound the same
On the g it is 1-15 and 13-21 sound the same
On the d it is 7-21 and 14-21 sound the same
On the a it is 1-14 and 15-21 sound the same
and on the low e it is 5-18 and 13-21 sound the same.

Please Help I am a electric guitar noob!
Fret the low E string at the 1st and 24th fret. Observe the distance from the 7th fret to the string. The gap should be about the size a credit card's thickness. If you are in that area, the truss rod is likely good to go.

For everything else having to do with string buzz and action, adjust the bridge height.
^ What he said

Another additional piece of advice for the future is that once you get the action of the guitar right, you should never re-adjust it unless you're changing string gauge. The reason why is because you may find one day that you start getting fret buzz on one day and then notice high action another day. Don't adjust the bridge; that's the job for the truss rod to fix.

It sounds obvious but its common for beginners to see that their guitar wasn't playing like it was before, they fail to recognise that it's the truss rod's job to correct any change in action or playablility provided that no other settings have changed and then they start messing with the action when the action is actually set correctly.
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