So I'm looking at replacing my Epi LP special for something a bit better, and more suited to heavier genres. I'm planning on having this guitar in drop C

I found this Jackson JS32RT Dinky for around $265

I also found this Jackson Kelly (I'm not sure of the model) for $150

I'm not very familiar with the jackson models, and since I couldn't identify the kelly model, I couldnt check the specs myself. The pickups look the same in both models

My question is, would it be worth spending the extra money on the dinky? Is there any major difference between the two? I don't have alot of spare cash at the moment, and I don't feel I'm at a point in my abilities where it is worth saving for a more expensive guitar.

I highly advise you to try playing a Kelly first. Because if its for mostly bedroom practice (playing sitting down), awkward shapes can be quite uncomfortable to play.
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Yeah the Kelly is pretty horrendous sitting down from what I find, whereas strat shapes have to be the epitome of comfort in guitars.

Your call, more money for comfort? But then again, it could just be me and you may love the feel of the Kelly.
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Thanks for advice, I hadn't thought about that, haha.

Its a little late, since i already emailed the guy saying I'd take it. I guess if it feels really bad when i try it out, i'll just have to be honest and tell him i don't want it
Yeah, I'm actually in Australia though. I wish guitars were as cheap here as they are in the US
Ah. Yea, that'd do it.
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