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I currently have a crate v18-112 tube amp, and I want to upgrade the stock speaker. I want a speaker that will sound warm on drive, and has the ability to offer high gain when I want more gain. Any recommendations?

Thanks all!
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this is gonna be good....
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Changing the speaker can/will affect the breakup (gain), but probably not in the same way that you are thinking.

Get an overdrive pedal if you want more gain.
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I have a Crate V18, and originally the amp is very dark and buzzy at high gain.

Part of this is due to the speaker, but I don't think a speaker change alone will make it sound good.

There are lots of circuit mods for this amp that will make it sound good. Search for the Crate V18 SLO mod. I did that to mine and I really like the amp now. There isn't much of a clean sound now, but the high gain sound is excellent now.