I think the bass needs to be compressed a little, or you could simply make it not fade in quite as far. It seems a bit too loud at the end. Otherwise, I liked this; it was simple, upbeat, and enjoyable to listen to. If you want to make the section starting around 0:56 sound a little fuller and more immersive, you could try adding in some subtle fade-ins of high-pitched notes.

The intro sounds all too familiar. Its rather generic in my opinion. The part at 1:19 was a nice change of pace for the song, at least the drumming was. The song overall was starting to pick up and become more interesting honestly. Tad disappointing for it to end so soon.

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This track is interesting to listen to, but it sounds a little bland and generic, like I've heard it all before. I like the production quality though, and the piano sounds really good throughout the whole song. It's definitely too short though. It just starts to get interesting, and then ends. Still a decent track though, good work.

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