Nano Crisis

Nano Crisis is an original project started by Ben Murrell in Sydney, Australia. Starting roughly in 2006 Nano Crisis has had it's name changed from 'Glass Shard', 'Project X' and a few other unofficial titles.

It is a focused one man project with a rotating roster of performers and guests, without a conventional genre as classification. Nano Crisis prides on being a purely creative process for the artist/s involved and has since seperated from public opinion forming a unique blend of incohearant traversings into musical style.

Members and/or Affiliates;

Founder / Composer / Performer
Ben 'Sparky' Murrell:
Guitar / Bass / Perc / Production / Composer / Vox

Reoccuring Performers
Erica Middleton:
Vox / Production / Proof editing / Guitar / Piano

Matt Black:


Craig Bailey:
Bass / Vox / Guitar

Nikolai (Omitted):
Guitar / Composer

Jess (Omitted):
Vox / Guitar

Other Guests are labelled onto the song's title.

Nano Crisis is soon seeking to become a full rostered band either by collaboration or full time members with equal standings on production rights.

Sample Music Taste:
**Songs are available for FREE downloads on the site.


Bloodlust Embrace


Heart Of Ice

Aeon Embers
*This song is Anti-loudness war. So you'll have to crank your volume for full dynamic sound.

There is another 100 songs online under Nano Crisis, and a further 300 songs offline 'In production'.

These songs were just chosen as a 'variety' pick.

I'll try to update this as often as I can.
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New song released;

Artist: Nano Crisis
Song: Apathy


Grunge song about Apathy.
Was bored and hummed this tune, then recorded it. Then recorded again from acoustic to electric. Then got bored so added electro fun experimentation, then added more acoustic elements. As the song suggests, Apathetic approach to composition.

Spawned by the amount of negative 'critique' and I use that word loosely that I haave recieved. That feeling of working on a song for weeks/months to have people say "It's nice, but I don't like this or this". It's not like I made it for them or their tastes but no, everyone must apply their personnal taste to a critique. So reached this point of Apathy and composing it I just wanted to be free of caring what ANYBODY thought.


Nothings alright, hear the shout.
My mind is gone, all out.
What is the point of Apathy?
All of that stress, just falls on me.

Hear the voices from outside.
Hear what they have to say.
Hear the voices from outside.

My head is full of gasoline, karosine.
Pull me back into the sun, I'm done.
Cook the bacon upon my skin.

'things alright.
Everyone has left the room.
You're sitting alone, hearing this song.
Wondering where you went wrong.
Nano Crisis update; New song.

Artist: Nano Crisis
Song: Deliverance
*There is a download button for the full MP3
**Vote 5 for me? Makes me feel warm n fuzzeh.

As musicians we get those songs in our dreams and we wake up, rush to an instrument and start hammering away untill we get just 5% fown of what we remember. That's this song.

Woke up, started recording, anything to get it out of my head, though It's now how I imagined it, took alot of detours on the way. Anyway, not finished, needs vocals and better percussions but as always, holding off for a mythical band member which looking back, seems like it'll never happen.
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Nano Crisis update; New song.

Artist: Nano Crisis
Song: Odd
Genre: Metal / Pop


*There is a download button for the full MP3
**Vote 5 for me? Makes me feel warm n fuzzeh.

Anyways, is more a Pre-release / Demo. It hasn't got vocals or a completely cohearant structure. But the boys in the lab are currently identifying what it's lacking and will be back in time with a full report, and maybe vocals.
Untill then ...
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Nano Crisis update; FEATURE

Artist: Nano Crisis
Song: Heart Of Ice
Genre: Metal / Pop / Rock

*There is a download button for the full MP3

Welcome to my first 'Feature' Update!

This is to celebrate my oncoming 1000th unique IP view of my song "Heart Of Ice". Newgrounds is a tough place for a musician at times, reflecting the community standard of being African American un the USA during the mid 1900's, so reaching this goal is important to me.

Although as is my norm, this title is neglecting vocals as sadly, I'm a crappy singer and can't find anyone who is willing to lay down their voice.

This song came about after a fight with my partner. It's influence was trying to detach myself from other people's expectations of my music. Over the years I have actively sort out appraisal, feedback and even a friendly ear to scream in with each attempt backfiring horribly. Heart of Ice was that outlet I needed, releasing it without telling my friends, what little of a community that still hears and anyone for that matter it went into cyberspace to become my most popular song of all time on newgrounds.

I want to feature this because it was a song I did for myself, and proved to me that music is still about expression, no matter the haters.
Nano Crisis update; New Song

Artist: Nano Crisis
Song: Popunk
Genre: Metal / Pop / Rock

*There is a download button for the full MP3

Work In Progress: Still has pitch correction on it. Why? you may ask, because, as I always state, I am not a singer. Though to compose the melody I did a (very) rough track of me singing and whacked on pitch correction on full just so whomever I get to sing to his, will get the melody that I intended.

Guitars are pretty much finished.
Bass may need some touchups.
Drums are ongoing, not finished with the composition.
Vocals, see above.
Structure, Meh, see how it pans out?

Anyway, I'm updating this page because at this rate, this song may end up unfinished. I can never find anyone to collaborate with *cry*.
Nano Crisis update; New Song

Artist: Nano Crisis
Song: Quitters
Genre: Metal / Pop / Rock

*There is a download button for the full MP3*

Nano Crisis is back for 2013 with a new track titled 'Quitters'. With a line-up change Nano Crisis will be back to writing you new free music, as it has always been!

Quitters is a work in progress, new singer has to start somewhere no? I'll update the link when the complete version is released.
Nano Crisis update; New Song

Artist: Nano Crisis
Song: Dead Souls
Genre: Metal / Pop / Rock / Punk

*There is a download button for the full MP3*

Nano Crisis has been hard at work (Like you'd believe that) on new material!
Proudly releasing "Dead Souls". As always Nano Crisis tries to release unfinished works for free and when it's finished you can have the OPTION to pay for it.

Anyway who gives a frak about paying right? So head on over, have a listen and if you like it, hit download!
Nano Crisis update; New Song

Artist: Nano Crisis
Song: Plexatron
Genre: Metal / Punk

*There is a download button for the full MP3*

What's this? Two updates?! Well yeah, sorry about that, I forgot to update my UG thread. Not like it should matter, you get two FREE songs? so be happy.

On to my summary, 'Plexatron' as it stands is about 75% complete. I'm working with a new vocalist, very talented man who I'm excited to collab with, and at the same time, my composing has taken a twist. I've started playing with 90's Nu metal ideas. The influences I had growing up, there's so many ideas in that era that people have just completely shrugged off. So 'Plexatron' (Complex and Electronic) is mainly had hard hitting catchy old school Nu Metal vibe song, or as my wife puts it 'Velvet Revolver-esque'. I personnaly think that's a too high of a compliment, why not drop a comment and tell me what you think.
Nano Crisis update; New Song

Artist: Nano Crisis
Song: Selfie
Genre: Metal / Punk

*There is a download button for the full MP3*

There isn't THAT much to say. Just playing around bored and quickly composed this in a day. The new band I'm in were sitting around jamming and somewhere in that chaotic cluster--**** of sound These riffs come to me. So over the next day I started work on this. Basically it's intention was just a sample for the other guys to listen and give their thoughts, however I don't think they'll want to use it so I'll archive this shit under 'Nano Crisis' and depending on feedback I might finish it >_>
Nano Crisis update; New Song

Artist: Nano Crisis
Song: I am Alive
Genre: Cinematic / Orchestral / Metal / Punk

*There is a download button for the full MP3*

So I made this song with one word in mind, 'Epic'. I wanted thick rich tonalities of distorted guitars with the layering found in mainstream metal bands, all mixed with the sweet harmonies of strings and the emotional reflection of broken piano chords. I'm not going to say this is the best I could have done, no but I'm still proud of what this has achieved. It reached a level of potential that maybe sometime in the future when I have developed more I can return to this and know exactly what it is missing and allow it to evolve.

In the meantime I'll leave it to you all to judge.

Enjoy free music, peace.
Nano Crisis update; New Song

Artist: Nano Crisis
Song: Control
Genre: Metal (Melodic/Progressive/Core) / Punk

*There is a download button for the full MP3*

Originally this song was made as a test to some new recording techniques and some new gear. However I have grown to like it more and it's currently being moved over to my new band and getting tweaks to suit the line-up etc ... As it is now I thought I'd upload it as is under the Nano Crisis label as it's current state may be stagnant, at least until the live version is complete.

Anyways Enjoy!
Nano Crisis update; New Song, E.P. RELEASE!

Artist: Nano Crisis
Song: Again
Genre: Metal (Progressive/Core) / Punk

*There is a download button for the full MP3*

I've spent some time on this, re-recording, composing and general frustration. It's at a point where I'm pretty happy with it now, so here is my next release 'Again'.

Guess what!
I have finally uploaded my E.P. Album 'Wasted' Free to download!!!

You can find it here; http://nanocrisis.bandcamp.com/

I believe this shit should be free, so what's the harm in adding some music to your collection right?