Hello dudes and dudettes,

I'm looking for some people to be part of my online band project.
I'm mainly looking for a good vocalist, but others (guitars, bass, keys, drums, didgeridoo,...) are always welcome.

In the first place, I want to create great music that can compete with professional bands. Secondly, come whatever may.

I'm thinking of Offspring, Nofx, Pennywise, Loved Ones, Menzingers, Bad Religion, AFI
but also Unseen, Sick Of It All, While She Sleeps, Casualties, Exploited and a few hundred more...

I don't want to limit to one genre though, so if anyone brings up a great idea or riff, then the sky is the limit!

What do you need?
-Something to communicate with!
-Basic recording equipment.
-Basic skills on your instrument or vocals.
-A healthy dose of motivation

PM (stillborn007), Mail (jochen.panjaer@telenet.be), Twitter (stillborn007) me to get in touch!
Hey, I've got an ad here too but I'm keen to have a muck around with u. See my thread here for my info
I'm interested! I've been playing the guitar for a year now and I have basic recording equipment. And when I say basic I mean something low quality, but it does the trick for demos.

Let's give it a shot!
I've been playing guitar for three years now, I've got an interface for that as well as a high quality USB microphone for vocals. I could do either.