Hey man thanks for posting on my song.

Well you are right about it being rather strange! It's interesting though. I think it would improve immensely if the bongos could be on time with the rest of the song, and the vocal harmonies could be on time with eachother. Did you record the guitar and the first vocal together? A metronome would make this song fill together better.

Good ideas with the multiple vocals, are they all your voice?
Yeah it's all my voice and the bongos are actually me drumming on my guitar. :P And yeah the first vocals and guitar were recorded together. I'm not comfortable just playing rhythm guitar alone and then singing the main vocals alone. It never sounds right. Thanks for commenting man!
This is really poor.

Im only being honest

Banging on your guitar out of time to the song doesn't really help matters tho.

Keep at it mate.
Yeah I'm no drummer, like, at all. Figured I'd try something different though, even if I'd fail miserably.
Alright, I went back and cleaned it up a little. Took out the bad drums and most of the third vocals, because they didn't match up well at all. It might be a little better, even though I see no way I can drag myself up out of this hole. I think I'm destined to only be able to make terrible music...