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So my gran recommended beeswax for my guitar. Tried it on my fretboard and wow what a job it does to clean and feed the wood.

What are your thoughts on using beeswax, or any alternative?
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i use beeswax on my guitar and it looks pretty nice afterwards. apart from that i just use good old polish.
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I was cleaning my guitar today and wondered if I could use bee's wax to polish the fret board. Oh, my, gosh. My guitar has never looked so good. I mean really! It darkened the wood so nicely and made the frets smoother.
Call me crazy if you want, but I actually used my Burt's Bees pomegranate oil and bee's wax chap stick on the frets and then polished the excess off. It's incredible!
I think I may have actually found my new favorite fret board product.
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I think as far as the timber is concerned a good beeswax polish would be great, but I would use something whose residues were less likely to gunk up the strings and my fingers. - I use Dr Ducks very sparingly and very rarely. Lemon oil is the trad one for violin family fingerboards. Never use silicone-based polishes, they can cause major repair and refinish problems.