So at my middle school we have a musical gig every season where musicals acts are preformed. Last year was the first one in winter and when I heard about it I grabbed my electric and did an audition. I got in and when I preformed I did Muzzle by the Smashing Pumpkins. But all these talented eight graders took the show and did a well done job. ( I was in seventh grade). Now as an eight grader they have another show this fall but with all the great eight graders gone, it's not going any fun and a bunch of untalented sixth and seventh graders are going try out and it's just no fun anymore. Worst of all I can't think of a song to preform. In the spring season last year I did "Right before my eyes" acoustic by Cage the elephant. Now I can't think of a good song to do. I can think of plenty of songs of an acoustic guitar but I don't have one and rather not borrow one. So I have to do it on an electric guitar. Can someone recommend me a easy song that is do-able by my self without background music. I want something along the lines of "Right Before My Eyes" by Cage the Elephant and "Last Kiss" by pearl jam. Nothing with distortion and solos. Please help.
Last Kiss is a good one. I'd also suggest:

Better Man (pearl jam)
Maggie (by Colin Hay - amazing song. it would sound awesome on electric)
Tears in Heaven (Eric Clapton - this might be okay on electric)
Yellow Ledbetter (pearl jam again. this is another maybe. you'd have to be creative to make it interesting)
Nothingman (ha - Pearl Jam! this would be a safe bet)
Where Did You Sleep Last Night (Leadbelly, but use the Nirvana cover as a basis)

welcome to UG as well.
Wow this way really helpful. I might do Better Man or Nothing Man by pearl Jam. Thank you.