Ok so I really, really need some help finding lyrics to a song. The song is called DARUMAROMAN by けけ(ヶ´∀`. Yes it is in japanese and Is technically J-Pop. It is one of my favorite songs and I haven't learned enough japanese to listen and understand the lyrics myself. Also I have looked all over the internet and have found NOTHING. I'll put a link below so maybe someone can write down the lyrics or find some for me. I will be very grateful to the person who gets me the lyrics.

Ps I don't care it they are in kanji, kana, or romanji.

Also if anybody speaks japanese and can write down the lyrics and post them, that would also be fantastic! My japanese is only at beginner level so I can't really pick out the words.
I wish i could fluently speak a few dialects of Japanese..my neighor can do that though i will see if he can translate, he did for pres Busch