Can you read?


Telescopic clouded scenery
Resting, invoked by
Unearthly material colors, shaping
Tracks in muddy patterns, a
Hologram for reflection

Unleash your masquerade
Nothing to hide behind
Folded hands, only
Ordeals to create
Look at the now and
Derive from perfection
Seek and find, what lingers deep inside

An abrupt occurrence of verbs, enigmatic
Senses revoked, the scope calculates

Eternal word plays
Dense is a mind
Elastic strings, binding the whole
Nether forms a chord

Eerie thoughts
Corresponding letter traps
Hordes of codes
Oracle chanting
Eclectic ways, dancing in cryptic mass
Steadfast, riding onward to paradise
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A truth unfolds as Eden echoes? What is this, Assassin's Creed?

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