hi guys
which do you think is best for me, a pod HD500 or a boss gt100?
also, is there any difference between the pod HD500 and the pod pro, in terms of tone?
HD 500 and HD Pro are the exact same in tone. Really comes down to whether or not you want to pay the extra $ for a different form factor, more I/O, and an expression pedal. Having owned both, the knobs being on the floor was a pain in the ass for making tones. But I suppose you should pick it up off the floor if you're going to do major tweaking. :P
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well i've never had any experience with the boss, but I can safely say the HD500 is ridiculously good, you can get some very very good tones from it
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If what you're looking for are amp sims, then I can say the POD HD 500 is ridiculously good for the price. Although I've never tried the GT-100, I did have a GT-10 and while it got the job done, it fell short of the Pod HS 500 in terms of realism and warm of sound. If the GT-100 is just a reskinned GT-10, then you're better off with the Pod in terms of sound.

The one thing that I don't like about the Pod are the effects. Some of the filters are interesting to play around with and the octoverb is a nice touch but if I need good effects, then I tend to go back to my pedals. In particular, I'll take my Boss DD-20 over any of the built-in delays in the Pod.
It really depends on how you're going to use the unit.

If you're going to use amp sims, the POD, hands down. If you're just going to be using FX, then IMO the Boss wins hands down.
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PODHD500 all the way.
I've actually been wanting to get this or the POD HD preamp.
Quite amazing gear there.
the POD HD500 by a long way

its the good modelling out there before you spend a shit ton on stuff like the AxeFx and Kemper. POD farm is good too, but you'd have to be plugged into a laptop to use that
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POD HD500, played around with one for a rather short time, but it sounds great IMO and has tons of features.

Maybe also take a look at the Yamaha THR 5/10 if you don't need all the bells and whistles of a multi-FX like the POD. It also sounds very good (maybe not quite as good as the POD HD though), but it is a good bit cheaper, has great sounding modelling and can also be used for recording very well.
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