Hi everyone,
I'm looking into getting some strap locks after a very close call with one of my guitars falling off on stage as I was preforming. I'm looking at either -

Jim Dunlop strap locks

Schaller Strap Locks

or Dimarzio Clip Lock strap.

Which will be better for making sure my strap will never leave my guitar accidentally? or recommend me better ones?
I've used Schallers for almost 30 years. I've had one break in all that time and it didn't put the guitar at risk when it happened, just made it tricky to get the strap off. I use Schallers on everything.
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Seriously, these work. It's what I have used for the last 8 years.
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i have the ernie ball supers. im happy with em.
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Big fan of Schallers. Installed them in my HM strap the day I bought it (Sept 1988) and never had any problems. Installation into Ibanez guitars take a bit of work with toothpicks and wood glue, but I'm using them with all my guitars.
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The Dunlops look better aesthetically, and they are more comfortable to sit with, but the Schallers have a better design overall, and are more secure.
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I preferred Dunlop strap locks to Schaller. I had Schallers in my Epi Les Paul but sometimes they turned around and my guitar fell. I don't know if you understood, I can't really explain it better without pictures.

My Charvel had Dunlop strap locks but at the time I'm using DiMarzio strap because it looks bitchin. And I also sold my Les Paul that I had installed with the Dunlop strap locks originally from my Charvel. I have had no problems with the DiMarzio strap.
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I've been using the Dunlops (and not the cheap plastic ones) for 30+ years with no failures. I have them on all my guitars.
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i use dunlops. never had an issue with them. the schallers always came undone on my strap, no matter how freaking hard i tightened them with pliers.

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I am using DiMarzio ClipLocks on my strat. While they are very secure, they can damage the finish of your guitar if you don't put tape and rubber bands on the plastic locks.