I really even needing some help in this I've been working on this forever
And I've still not been satisfied. I don't have any money to really
Get any new equipment and I Forsure don't have the greatest stuff but I Make it work.
I rely on my pedal Hardwire Metal Distortion TL-2 so can anyone maybe help me out
How I can come close to maybe wrong a miss may I tone without having
To spend thousands of dollars for a new amp head
Well, you can probably find a Peavey 6505 under 1000, that is what nearly everyone here recommends for metalcore. What amp and guitar do you have at the moment? And off topic, but I am going to see MMF next month. So stoked.
I currently have a raven half stack (if you've even heard of it, it's not the best but its all I've got to work with), the Hardwire metal distortion I mentioned, and an LTD ec-256. Like I said its Forsure not the best setup but for now it's all I've got to work with, I can't afford those peavey heads at the moment or id Forsure go with that.
Sell the raven head and pedal. Peavey ultras go as low as 250 on cl at least around here. Even saw one for 125 cause guy needed gas money. That will get you where you want to go.
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