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C4C, please leave a link. I think it's lengthy/wordy so any advice on that is appreciated. I tried to paint a picture without making it too straight forward. Just tell me what you think. I plan to put this over acoustic guitar.

I'm the moth, and you're the light.
I go where ever you lead.
Deceived by empty promises floating in bottles,
to the shores of seas.
If X marked the spot would I be an anchor,
or am I just at fault?
We twist, and squirm like birds to worms,
for the other, but not the one.

When one ends the other begins,
but where does the grey line collide?

Filled in moments of great need,
by an existential crisis.
Who am I to be,
the one that rescues in a flash of radiance,
or the one you'll never see?
Her or me?
Her or me?

We will all die alone,
my investments will fail,
and all my loves will seize.
So why, and where is there a need,
to live and feel deceased?

If you shower them in silver, and gold,
your heart will still grow cold,
and your mind will pace the room.
Maybe it's time to start,
maybe it's too late,
but I'd rather stumble reaching,
then wait for it to fall on me.

If it's just a matter of time,
before it all runs out.
I can't help, but feel constrained, and damned.
What a great limit to impose,
a single resource that's bested every man.