really ambient man, its good. sounds like something that would be in a soundtrack for a movie. kind of reminds me of "leif erikson" by interpol, keep up the good work. the recording is smooth and i love the sound of your fingers sliding up the fret between notes, it gives it a distorted feel thats pretty dope for whatever amp or pedal your using.
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hey thanx alot for the feed
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Hey man,
I like this a lot. The volume swells in the beginning are excellent and you create a really strong atmosphere right away. Production quality is very good and professional sounding, as is the mix. The lead guitar phrasing is excellent dude, I esp like the phrase with the three semi-tone bends in sequence repeating. Great piece overall, my only gripe (if you consider this a gripe) is that it was over too soon and I wanted to hear more.

If you wouldn't mind critiquing another one of my songs, this one hasn't really been listened to much yet..

I like the intro, reminds me of Explosions in the Sky. I'm not sure how to feel about the volume swells. They aren't bad, but I don't know. I'm not in love with them. I feel as if the song is progressing too fast for this kind of post-rock style. Some drumming would really help add dynamics to the song too.
Its not bad, but if you could make it longer and make it more build up + some drums I think it'd sound much nicer.

If you could critic back https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1571255
Great composing man, I loved it. This can easily be a really meaningful song you know? Just needs vocals and drums. Not much I can say cause I really enjoyed it. Keep up the great work clearly you have potential to succeed. Thanks for the crit and hope you continue to do what you do well and the ezdrummer was a purchased version.
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. I'll wait patiently for the next part,

thanks and yes I am working on a second part to this to put this all together = ) just figuring out if the 2nd part should be in the beginning of the song or continue where part 1 left off
"its not the destination.... so much as the journey" one once said
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