so i did a cover of a hendrix jam, driving south. then i ended up making this little ambient thing and then tied the jam to the end with some post effects and some stereo panning effects. so it's best heard through headphones or decent speakers, not laptop speakers. C4C and will answer any questions about effects or whatever. it was all done with a digital portable 4 track recorder, an ipod, and some guitar pedals.

Here comes some really belated feedback! First off, thanks for the feedback on my song!

I think the song has a pretty interesting concept on the whole - the relatively long spacey ambient part before the grooving kicks in, and then back for a bit at the end. Playing was nice in both drumming and guitar, I liked the looseness of the drums since many of the songs on here (including my own) feature perfectly programmed/uptightened beats to the millisecond that make them a bit lifeless in parts.

The groovy part is a nice and easy listen, but it feels kinda "standard" in the progressions and basslines, and while the overlaying soloing is cool and feels like it's payed with thought behind it as opposed to doing mindless licks, there's no particular section of it that stands out and so to me it becomes a bit of a nice "background tune".

I think the mixing sounds a bit funny - like you have a live show with a pretty good PA system so it sounds good for the audience, but then someone record it on a, for this purpose, somewhat lesser device so that the good quality is lost for a bit. It sounds a bit far off. But it really doesn't bother me, since I think it fits well with this type of song!

Hope my input was of any value!