Dear Dave
I'm not an expert on progressive metal, and didn't think I liked it, but I like your piece of music. The music moves forward with interesting changes of mood that I did not expect. Can't wait to hear it with lyrics; but they'll need to tell a good story that moves along with the music. There's a single note solo above the mix after the shift around 3 min 30s, which is really nice. I think this could come up in the mix and stand out more (unless it's going to clash with vocals).

PS Please comment on my effort at:
Hey man,

Overall the production quality was good, the composition was good, I just felt like the synths were a little bit loud in the mix during the first half of the song and would have liked to hear the guitars a bit more. If you'd like to see my specific reactions to different parts and some other suggestions, check your soundcloud.

In the meantime, I've got a progressive metal one for you to critique, although it's not as progressive as my other songs.

Love the warmness in the opening riff! Really digging the dynamic major scale riffing and the overlaying synth harmonies. Part at 1:57 is a nice change, and also sports cool synth overlays. Groovy part at 2:18 stood out aswell. Wasn't a huge fan of the more evil riff kicking in at 2:47, but the slide guitar melody over that more than saved it, very interesting and a cool idea.

Liked the mixing a lot, as said I love the warmness and fullness of the mix, which was especially brought out in the major scale riffs. Good, tight playing in all instruments. Would like to hear more from you so now I'm following you!