So, I just got a new 4-string (Schecter Omen-Extreme 4) a couple of days ago, and it's really a great bass. Love how it feels and how it plays. There's just one small problem... The A string sounds muffled, almost like it's being muted in some way. Just to be perfectly clear, I've uploaded a video of me doodling for a few seconds on all strings to compare the sounds. It's only the A string that does this. I take very good care of my instruments and this one is no exception. I actually got this later than expected because it was shipped out to the company I bought it through from Schecter itself, so this is a new bass.

One odd thing to note about this... On the backs of the tuning pegs, you have those small circular covers that hide the gear and such inside. For the A string, this little circle has been falling off since I got the bass, nothing that I did. I can pop it back in, but it doesn't stay there and usually falls off while I'm playing... Does anyone know what's going on? D:

The video:
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(Btw, the low sound quality is because it's a Rock Band mic and I had to keep the amp quiet)
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First thing, try switching out the A string for a new one, it's possible that it's defective (something that happens relatively often).

How do your pickup heights look? You can play around with them a little to see if it helps the issue. Also make sure the string is seated in the saddle at the bridge properly.

Finally, does the A string sound worse or better on one pickup or the other?

I agree with Sliide that the instrument is new and under warranty, but by checking these things before you send it back you might find the issue and save yourself some time without the bass.
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It is new.
Send it back since it is in Warranty.

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