We're looking for artists (of any form) located in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) for a series of segments on an online radio show. The show will also be available in podcast form.


-profiling NEW artists (less than 12 months on the scene) in the GTA
-promotion of upcoming local shows

-playing the best of alternative rock (and other good music!) from local musicians
-promotion of upcoming local shows

-the best of local electronic music (dubstep/house/electro)
-promotion of upcoming local shows

-profiling local hip-hop artists
-playing the best of local hip-hop
-promotion of upcoming shows

We're looking for new artists to profile for each segment.
If you'd like to have your upcoming show promoted on the air, or if you'd like your album or songs played or promoted on a segment, send an email to:



Is this the college one?

How many listeners are you getting now?

Good to promote locals, nice!
Please email me with any questions/requests; its easier than me checking the forum every hour or so.

Its not a college station; we're doing this to promote local artists. I think we all know how important it is to get exposure for your band in your area.
We're hoping to have our first full show up and running next Wednesday night. The more artists we find who are willing to contribute their songs or time for interviews, the faster this whole thing will kick off....

Like I said, if you'd like us to play your work and promote your band, just send us an email.
We'll consider playing a whole album if the work is good... and of course, promoting your upcoming shows.


Vendetta, we'll most likely be starting two new segments - one for artists in North America as a whole, and one for artists outside of the continent. If that's something you'd be interested in, email me!

Thanks again,

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