So.... Im in the process of making a frankenstein guitar. What I mean by this is Im using left over parts I have laying around. Nothing all that special but I enjoy modding guitars. Im planning on wiring it up like the Fender Blacktop Strat with split coils. I have sitting here a pair of humbuckers that I will be converting to 4 lead. Easy enough task but I now have a lingering question that I need some help finding the answer.

Are humbucker leads 24 gauge or 28? I believe they are 28 but before I go ordering the wire Id like to make sure. If you can help me out or better yet, know of a site to get some cheap that would be even better. I found 28 gauge in a 10ft section on ebay for $11 shipped but its my only option at this moment.

Don't quote me on this, but I don't think it matters actually, so long as it doesn't cause voltage drop. I'd wait for a second opinion though.
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I have no worries about either causing any type of electrical issue. My main concern is if I were to get 24 gauge it may not be as flexible or fit through the base plate. The 24 looks a little thick so Im leaning toward the 28.
I recommend using some kind of shielded 4 or 5 conductor cable instead of seperate wires.
Thats exactly what Im gonna use.... but there are a few gauges to choose from. This is the one im leaning towards now...

28 Gauge
I've heard of people using USB cable if you've got any laying around, in fact I think the guy who made the thread saying how to make a 4 lead out of a 3 lead said that.
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That sounds interesting and I know I have a ton of usb cables laying around. Either that or the local dollar store has them. Hmmmm, Ill look into that, thanks.
Well here is the answer to your suggestion Viban....


My converted USB cable...

Ready to solder...

Time to assemble....


Turned out great... To finish the look I want, I'm going to run some chrome covers but this pair is 50mm neck and 52mm bridge. Did find a pair on Ebay, but I hate ordering from China. Anyone know of a US seller that has what I need for a decent price?

Thanks again Viban, save me some time and money.
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Ok bringing this one back to the top for a question.

Finally received the covers I ordered. I plan to pot them and am wondering would it be best to solder the covers down as well or do you suggest one or the other but not both?