Up until two weeks ago, I owned absolutely no guitar paraphernalia. Flash forward two weeks, and I'm now the proud owner of a MIJ Fender Strat and a Peavey Bravo 112 amp. I found the amp at a local thrift shop for $75. While looking up info online, I noticed it was listed as a tube amp. After plugging it in, sure enough, there was that warm glow of the vacuum tubes. We tested it out further when I got home. My friend was really impressed with the tone of the ultra gain channel. The amp also features spring reverb, though I just noticed this morning that one of the two springs was disconnected. I fit the end of the spring back into the slot, though I am uncertain what is keeping it in place. The speaker and tubes appear to be all original. In any case, I'm curious to get your thoughts on the amp. Here are some images:

That's really cool. Don't know anything about the amp, unfortunately. I would have assumed it was some kind of hybrid like the old Classics, but it looks all tube to me.
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Yeah, my buddy was shocked to see that it was a tube amp. I believe the three 12AX7's work on the preamp side, while the EL84's do the power output.
Nah they're all tube. Badass amps as well. Nice score dude, especially for such a low price! My former teacher used two of those stacked and an XT live to play some really prestigious gigs and it always sounded solid and decent. HNAD!
That's awesome. I can't imagine I'll ever gig, but the fact that this same model has been used to showcase talent is great news! Glad I went with my gut and took the dive.
Damn cool. Get some JJs for it and blow the dust out.

Have some fun.

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