Can someone suggest me a fuzz pedal? I want to kinda sound like Dan Auerbach of The Black Keys from his old stuff, but I don't know where to start. I'm on a budget, so I'd like for it to be under $125, but a little over is okay.

Here's what I want it to sound like:
The Black Keys-The Breaks
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Watched a demo and it sounds great, but is it still in production?

Actually, I looked it up and he uses an Ibanez Standard Fuzz, which is similar to the previously stated Companion Fuzz.

Most clones or similar sounding pedals are rather expensive though.
Wattson makes an FY-2 that's about $200.
Getting someone to build you a clone might be best. I could recommend someone if you wanted.
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Is it hard building pedals?

Not particularly. If you've got a good soldering iron and a steady hand, it's very easy. Especially if you use a kit.

But, you could always get someone else to build it for you.
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Yeah dude. Find someone to build you one. 'Iwannabesedated' said he could recommend you someone to build you something. Tim (greeny23) probably could if you asked nicely, but probably not because he's not even from Earth. He lives in a mystical place.