Hey guys,

Here's another one. Sorry for obnoxiously posting another thread right after I put one up for my other song, Inertia, but I put this up here as an afterthought. If a kind moderator would like to splice the two threads together, by all means, but if I'm not offending anyone, who cares.

This one's instrumental for now. Lyrics are written, vocals are still in training, but in time I will finish recording and master this.


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Thanks for the feedback!

Guitar ideas are great and well put together, interesting through-structured idea although the first minute or so could be more rhythmically dynamic imo. The mix is a major problem for the rest however, I'm struggling to make out most of the drums apart from the cymbals which are overly loud. The guitars could do with more panning and the drums with less, it all feels kinda disjointed the way you've got it set up though imo. EQ-wise it all sounds good however. Composition wise yoiu've got a good skeleton but the mix needs a lot of work.
Hey man, thank you for the feedback. I played around with the mix a lot and came up with something I feel is a bit better, also figured out how to get the drums sounding louder without clipping... uploaded the new mix so anyone listening from this time on will hear that instead.
Hey Stone,

I really enjoyed listening to this track I found myself daydreaming to this when I listen that melody you did a couple of times is what drew me in I think im starting to understand what "proggressive rock/metal" is now that I've listened to a couple of your songs man, am really digging the personality of ur playing I had a question about your drums man is it a program u use ? or is it you

anyway great job here
= )
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Hey Marq,

I use a drum sampler called Superior Drummer 2 that you can plug into a program like GarageBand or Logic Studio, the latter of which is what I use. Tweaking that with compressors etc will help you out. There is also another program by the same company called EZDrummer... supposed to be good as well but I don't have it.

Thanks for listening man.
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