I'll make this short ant fast.

Got an Epi LP Standard and a Roland 30x.

Have a budget of somewhere around ~+400 Euros.

Have recently find my tone abit weak, i want stronger more powerfull, sharper lead tones.

Instead of upgrading pickups, pots, caps on my guitar I decided to get an amp.

I want something sounding in the direction of this:

Bleed the Light by Rob Chapman.



Most of the stuff from Friedman in Megadeth

For a tech noob like me there are only: solid state amps and tube ones. None of the preamp, power section, etc stuff I have no idea in. My local shop is kinda limited in what they have on the spot, but can pre-order pretty much anything.

I had my mind set on Bugera v22, BlackStar Ht-5r, but recently spoted Jet City 333.

The JetCity sounds pretty good and the 50watt combo costs even less than the blackstar 5 watter. Since the only two factors I can measure is "Tube amp" and "Number of watts" situations like these make me think that either the JCA is utter "poo poo" or the blackstar is over priced. And there are a few more amps, that look tempting out here, like the Vox Valvetronix series ( but since its somekinda of hybrid I tend to shy away from it since "Tube amps are the only way to go"

Without the possibility to test either of these at a local store, due to limited gear selection on the spot. It's very hard to make decisions, I wouldnt want to preoder an amp from my local store , and then just say, sorry guys it's not what i imagined it would sound, I can't buy it.

So guys, what amp would you recommend me? Any other options I should look into? Maybe theres a nobrainer option I just don't see ?
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i wouldn't gamble on a Bugera. they have had and still have some issues and are not always reliable.

the HT5 is not all tube. there are some solid state components in the tone path, so technically its hybrid, but not advertised so.

i think Jet City is the best bet, but i personally don't like them. alot of people do though.

don't get another cheap modeling amp.

look around used and see and go to a store and play if you can.

but i would have to say

1. Jet City
2. Blackstar
3. Bugera (please god no)
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the jet city jca22 is their higher gain model. so i'd look into that first. the blackstars have great tone (in my opinion) but they r wats called a hybrid amp. meaning that its mostly solid state with some tubes in it.

i wouldnt gamble on the bugera. theyve always had issues in the past so its not really worth the risk.

my reccomendation would to go with the jet city jca22h with a 112 or 212 cab. and if you really needed it, just throw a TS in front of it for a little extra growl.

jet city

make sure it's the 1x12 combo version, though- the 2x12 has less gain.

the blackstar isn't all-tube- if anything, it's the overpriced one. I haven't tried it, though.

bugera's reliability is iffy- but i haven't tried them, either.
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