I Have an European SX Les Paul Style guitar, it has an alder body, maple neck, and rosewood fretboard. I want to put in some a2 pros to get a sound that is closer to GNR. Help ?
Sure, why not, they're Slash's pickups, so; that'll help.

It does depend on what guitar you put them in, what amp you use, but, getting the right pickups is a step in the right direction.
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It will probably sounds great. The A2P is made for "brighter toned instruments" so I can guess it mean brighter toned woods like alder and maple neck would work. I'm also planning on a A2P set on my Mahogany/mahogany with ebony fretboard guitar but worry that it might sound too dark for my taste.

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My friends got the slash signatures in the exact same guitar like mine, just brought it over to my place, Sound amazing so a definite buy
do you have an amp?
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An old 60*s EKO Tube amp it has 60w power, using a digitech rp 350 for dist, i am using the Marshall amp model from it
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An old 60*s EKO Tube amp it has 60w power, using a digitech rp 350 for dist, i am using the Marshall amp model from it

If you play classic rock, Id like to suggest something.

I think a lot of those old Ekos are Vox derived so have you ever tried cranking up the volume to the max? It'll probably produce a really nice sounding gain tone. Especially if you boost it with an overdrive. (not a modeling one a real one. Set the level to max, and the gain at a very low point)
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Hey got a chance to play the guitar on my gig yesterday, i was playing nightrain by gn*r
true a Marshall JCM 800. all my friends said i sounded like slash So the A2pro like Alder as
a tonewood, btw it is not bright and not to dark it sounds perfectly blanced to me **** yeahhh
now i own my dream guitar and i payed about 500 $ moded