Hey guys,

Here's... another new one. I wrote it 2 years ago, but recorded and mixed it all in one day today. You may recognize some harmonic elements from my song Inertia -- it's a concept album, and the aforementioned track precedes this one, although I will have to tweak transitions once the album is a little more complete.


Hey Very nice Stone Shaker! warm n mellow and I liked the Vibe at the end great way to finish one influence I think i here I dont know if you listen to this band "At the Drive in" but I hear some of that in this. Do you have a youtube channel you've uploaded this on? well regardless "out on the breaks" I like it , keep uploading man great job
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Cool stuff! Warm and mellow, just as Marqway described it above. I liked the use of harmonics. Favorite part was the clean section starting at 2:55-ish, had a nice tone.

The mixing was a bit harsh with lots of mid and treble. The cymbals and the guitar mashed together in sections. You could get more spaciousness into it and tweak around the EQ to get a bigger range, maybe add some synths/strings/other additional instrument to balance things out.

Song itself was very nice and I enjoyed listening to it. I'm following you now on soundcloud, keep it up! And I provide a link if you want to take a listen to an instrumental song of my own:
Marqway - Thanks for the listen man, and why yes, I love At the Drive In. If you had read any of my lyrics that would become even more apparent because Cedric's one of my favorite wordsmiths of all time. I do have a soundcloud account where you can listen to other things I have written;


Splitvision - Yes, a recurring theme I've been getting on my work is the mix. I think a lot of it has to do with the way I am mixing the drums... I've been struggling with getting the drums to sound good. You'd think Superior Drummer would make it easy, but I guess not. Either way, I will see what I can do with the master track and try to come up with a more spacious mix. Thanks for the constructive criticism man, I will give your track a listen now.
You'll notice that I'm no better with the cymbals myself, they're way too sharp in my song too. Something for both of us to keep in mind for future projects
this is pretty good man. its more progressive metal i think but its got lots of interesting tones in it and im a big fan of off-beat drums myself and at first it seems like the music is all over the place but after i pick up the melody its actually really sick. the ending sounds like metallica where you slow it down, it was well recorded, what do you use ? like what mic? and do you record the drums yourself or program them, and if so, what program do you use to put the song together?

my favourite part is the ending
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I actually really like this. Your tone is pretty smooth, both the distortion and the cleans. The entire structure is really creative also. One thing I really admire about people who can write prog is being able to write those odd time drum beats. I can't do that very well. But I'm working on it. My favourite part of your song has to be that cool sounding fast legato riff that you first do near the beginning of the song, and you do it a couple more times throughout the track. Oh, and that one part at 0:50 also! I love those types of riffs.

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Word, more comments... cool. Thanks again for listening guys, you are doing a lot for my self-esteem... haha. I am on lunch break now but when I get off work a little bit later I will give everyone's music a listen.

jdenmo - Hey man, yeah, when I write polymeters or odd time signatures I usually start by creating a melody line with no obstruction as to how long it can be, then figure out what the time signature(s) are and write the drums from there. As far as what I do for recording, I'm all digital man. I have Guitar Rig 5 VST running through Logic Studio 9 on a four year old Macbook Air running my Gibson SG directly into a 5 year old Lexicon Lambda input interface. I do a lot of tweaking, it's all what you do in Guitar Rig 5 man. No matter what amp heads or cabinets I am simulating, I always run a splitter with one mic up on the amp and one mic far back from the amp, then mix em right on top of each other. I think Jimmy Page used to say, "Distance creates depth," and that's why he used to record with a small Fender Supro amp and would sometimes set up a mic down the hall or behind a door to get his huge sounds.

ZOMGACOW - Hey man, thanks. I actually added a slight delay to the dirty tones which helped carry the harmonics better. As far as writing odd time signature drum beats, see what I said above for some advice. Also, it helps if you break it down... like I have one idea that's in 13/8 or a 6/8+7/8 polymeter (same thing) but I think of it as (counting in straight 8th notes) 1-2-3- 1-2-3- 1-2-3- 1-2-3-4 ... etc.

Listening to plenty of music with funky time signature stuff will also help. I credit listening to The Fall of Troy for helping me play and write in funky time signatures without really having to think about it much. If you aren't into the whole post hardcore thing, try bands like Rush, At the Drive In (ok, more post hardcore.. still awesome), or RX Bandits and try to pick out when they are using odd time signatures.

edit: uploaded a new, far superior quality mix of the song with some less repetitive drums to boot
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