I like the sound of the VOX, haven't heard the Ampeg but it's very rare and all tube. Anyone have thoughts on these 2. I can get either one about $325.
https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1387138 Fill this out.

But the Ampeg is a much better amp. The Vox was one of the first of the Valvetronix series and the modelling and sounds aren't great.
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Ok thats what I thought, I don't have a great ear, just a hacker. To me the VOX sounded great but I have not heard the Ampeg. I realize the Ampeg is all tube and should have better tone. Anyone else?
That ampeg is an absolute beast. Collectors Item.
How old is it exactly because when buying vintage gear it is more likely to need regular maintenance and stuff. That is what You are buying into.

But if you can live with that then buy it. The vox doesn't even begin to compare. And if you find you dont like the Ampeg, you could flip it for nearly twice the price, easily.