Hi All,

I have a Jackson WRXTX Warrior, plan to upgrade it with EMG 81/85.

The EMGs which i have got are the old ones (got it free... :-) which requires soldering.

The only question which i need an answer on is whether my jackson would require long jack (output) or the short jack provided by EMGs will do the job? I am planning to do the installation myself. So any tips/links which can help me with my installation, please feel free to advice.. Always appreciated...

Thanks All.....

Jackson WRXTX Warrior
VOX Pathfinder
I'm doing the same on my Dean ML, as far as I know I have to fit a stereo input jack to the guitar, the tone and volume pots also need changing to different values. If you keep them as they are the pots will work as on/off switches rather than gradual on/off if you get my drift.
That's what I've read somewhere anyway
Thanks, My jackson comes with a stereo plug. So i guess majority of my problem is solved..
And my 81 & 85 came with all the volume & tone controls.
Now my only worry is whether these volume & tone controls will fit in hole provided by jackson..
Planning to start with the same task. Hope all goes well..
pickups are easy, you'll have no problem if you can solder. You can find wiring diagrams all over the interent to help make sure you get everything wired up right. Good luck.
what do you mean old ones?

The original model with solder and the new solderless are exactly the same pickup wise. What EMG pickups do you have in there now?

Sorry just making sure I understand your post correctly.
I have successfully installed EMGs in my Jackson (was referring to EMG wiring diagram). And it is sounding real good.
But the problem now i am facing is that with distrotion it is having a 'hum' noise.

Beside the 'HUM' noise, even if you touch the volume/tone controls it gives a buzz. Without distrotion this HUM is actually managable. HUM comes when you stop playing. I tried using Noise Gate, but it didnt work as well. I have disconnected all grounding. Guess EMGs doesnt require that.

Just for information - I have used electrical insulation tape over the 9V battery and placed it in the cavity.

Now when i checked out the wiring diagram provided by 'NotTheMessiah30' i have noticed that it is different from the wire diagram which came with the box. (i have the older soldering type 81 & 85 in separate boxes; its an old piece got it for free.. :-) )

But in EMG supplied diagram, a wire was going from the cavity of volume pot to the ground of the switch (3-way switch). But in the wiring diagram provided by this same wire is going to middle terminal of switch. Presently i have done the wiring to the ground of 3-way switch. Is this the reason for the noise?
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Not sure about the hum but I definitely recommend the 18V battery mod, makes EMG's come alive IMO.
let me first get my EMG working without any HUM then i will think about 18V mod.

Have a small issue with the space in cavity for one more 9V battery.
It sounds like a ground problem. Check all your grounds on the back of the pots and to the bridge of the guitar. I too have emgs 81/85 and I but the 85 in the bridge and did an 18v mod and they sound great. Just something to think about. Hope it helps.

Sorry I was unaware that emgs didn't need to be grounded at the bridge. I have never installed them my self only did the 18v mod on an epiphone les Paul that came with emgs. I was going from my experience with passive pickups. Thanks for the info.
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Quote by tobycm27
Do EMGs require to ground to the bridge of the guitar?

No, they don't. EMG's are fully shielded units, it even goes as far to say in the installation guide that you should remove the ground from the bridge.

Although having said that, it doesn't cause a problem with sound if you do leave the bridge grounded. I know that for sure because I left the ground in place on my RR3.
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